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About Us

Our mission is simply to provide the most devastatingly amazing vacation experience in the world's premier area of outstanding natural beauty, The Cotswolds. Soaked in culture and history, maintaining that quintessential English atmosphere yet to the best corporate standard. For Sales Consultants we make you look good. For Vacationers quite simply you'll never better our experiences.

Company profile

We are The Cotswold Experience, registered in 2002 to provide the most amazing vacation experience for the discerning upscale vacationer. We live in the Cotswolds where we have fostered deep relationships with those that reside and trade in the area. We are therefore able to add value to anyone wishing to visit or arranging for others to visit our area. If we cannot do it - it cannot be done! We can arrange tours to fit in with existing arrangements or produce a Tailor Made tour based around your interests and Cotswold Events that are occurring. We are pleased to be the Southwest Specialist Tour Operator for the Cotswolds and consider it a privilege being selected for this role.

What our clients say about us

We work hard at our relations with Travel Agents and Sales Consultants in the U.S too. Recent comments from them include:

'What an extensive, beautiful itinerary. I will be absolutely delighted to present this plan to my clients. Iam looking forward to their reaction.'

'As you can tell by her last response, you are making me look very good. And I thank you very much.'

I believe this wil be perfect for Dxxxx and Dxxxx'

'This itinerary is perfect'

'This looks great'
SouthWest Specialist Tour Operator for the Cotswolds

Message from Kevin Bragg, Managing Director, The Cotswold Experience: "We are continually humbled by the enthusiastic and warming responses from Vacationers and Agents. Call us and enhance your relationship with your clients or take the first steps to experiencing the vacation of a lifetime. You will be amazed at what the Cotswolds can offer including an excellent base for 'doing London'; wake up to birdsong not traffic!!"