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Broadway is said to have been "discovered" by William Morris. A village of corn coloured stone, lying at to bottom of the steep escarpment at the edge of the Cotswolds. From Morris onwards, artists have drawn inspiration from the line and form, the textures and the composition, of what was then a typical English village.

The village has tried to remain as unchanged as possible under the pressures of modern tourism. The "broad way" is the main street that is lined with red chestnut trees. The village originally grew up as a stage coach stop.

The Lygon Arms and some two dozen other inns, were there to supply fresh horses for coaches for the long, steep haul up the escarpment. Today at the top of the escarpment is the Broadway Tower, from which you have a commanding view of the countryside. The Lygon Arms is still there, now a very smart hotel run by the Savoy Group, and a particular favourite for The Cotswold Experience guests. The village also has a selection of gift shops and antique shops, that have been well incorporated into the existing architecture.