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All Year Round Events in the Cotswolds

These events occur throughout the year. Please contact us using the form below if you would like more information about availability.

Select the tours you are interested in by clicking the checkbox next to the title & fill out your details at the bottom of the page and we'll contact you with more information.

Enjoy Being "Bored"

Dates: Throughout the Year – Contact us for the best viewing times

Venue: River Severn

This river, has the second highest tidal flow in the world, and the water is funnelled up into the upper reaches of the Severn, producing a tidal wave. We know the best viewing sites on the river and the best times of the lunar cycle that produce the highest waves. Not only that, but we know the best place to enjoy a full English breakfast. To get the best vantage point you will need to cross a couple of meadows. We will supply the best footwear, and the best breakfast to enjoy this natural phenomenon!
The Severn Bore is a natural tidal wave which has been known to reach two metres in height. Its average speed is 10 miles per hour. The Severn Estuary experiences the second highest tide anywhere in the world, and the difference between the lowest and highest tide in any one day can be more than 14.5 metres. High or spring tides occur on several days in each lunar cycle throughout the year.
Whichever vantage point you choose, you are likely to be astonished by the sheer power of the water, the increasing roar as it approaches and the dramatic change in river level once the bore has passed.

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Shopping with Prince Charles....Almost!

Date: Weekdays throughout the year

Take presents home with you from Prince Charles himself and have a look round his home town.

TCE Privilege : So, you’ve seen a glimpse of the glorious Cotswolds. You want to take something home for your family and friends to impress them. What better way than to visit the future King’s newly opened shop in Tetbury, his home town. He sells produce from his own farm (all organic) as well as biscuits, his favorite malt whisky, and many other items. We will add this on to any other tour we are advertising, as long as time permits, and show you around this small but historic market town, and let you experience one of the icons of England – the Cream Tea!

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Blenheim Palace - The Untold Story

Period: All year round

This is a new visitor attraction at the Cotswolds finest palace. With strong links to the US, this baroque mansion that broods over Oxfordshire will give you a fascinating insight into the lives of the wealthy and powerful who have lived there.

Blenheim is a fascinating and awesome place, whether you are strolling around Capability Brown’s landscaped gardens or the rooms of the palace itself. But sometimes, it is hard to get under the skin of those who lived there. This new animated exhibition paints an intimate picture of what it was like to live there. Grace Ridley, (in ghostly form!), the 1st Duchess senior maid, will give you a tour where you can eavesdrop on the lives of the Spencer Churchill family. You will meet the indomitable Sarah Churchill, Consuela Vanderbilt (whose millions saved the palace from ruin,) and Winston Churchill, whose inspiration and leadership led the nation through its darkest hour.

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Skydiving with the British Parachute School

Dates: All year round

For the greatest personal achievement and the satisfaction of knowing that you did it - all by yourself - go for this Skydiving Course! This course, using the British Parachute Association Ram-Air Progression System (RAPS), takes place over two days, training you in the skydiving techniques required to jump from an altitude of over 3000 feet, with an automatically opened 'square' parachute. The number of people on the Basic Skydiving Course is kept low, ensuring that each participant gets personal tuition. During the course, you will learn safety regulations (top priority in our sport!), and be instructed on the skydiving techniques required to exit the aircraft and fall in a controlled manner. You will be taught how the equipment operates, and how you must control the open parachute to steer it down to a safe arrival in the landing area. The course involves both theoretical work and the physical practice necessary to make the most of your skydive. The jump is planned to take place on the day after the course, weather permitting.

The equipment used for student skydiving is the very best available. The 'square' parachutes we provide are the technically advanced gliding parachutes as used by all experienced skydivers worldwide. Each of our student parachute systems includes a 'Main' parachute and a 'Reserve' parachute, both mounted comfortably on your back. Your training will fully cover the method of use for both! The main parachute is automatically opened when you jump. After your main parachute is open, we can help you during your descent by providing instructions via a radio mounted on your parachute harness. Should it be necessary, the Reserve may be manually operated (and is also fitted with automatic backup systems). All the procedures you will be taught will be practised on the ground until your Instructors are completely satisfied with your performance. In addition to a parachute system and radio, you will be provided with a helmet and jumpsuit to go over your clothes.

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Skyhigh Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping first started hundreds of years ago in the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. Young native tribesmen used to leap off huge trees with vines tied to their ankles, as a test of manhood. Contrary to popular belief, modern Bungee Jumping was founded in 1979 from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England. Since then Bungee Jumping has spread to many other countries across the globe, of which America, France, New Zealand and Britain are but a few.

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