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Tailor Made Tours Theme Picker

We have have provided a series of themes for inspiration. Choose one that really appeals to you, let us know when you're thinking of popping over and we'll crack on with your unique itinerary. This is a small set of the themes we offer, documented here for your inspiration. As with all our Tailormade vacations our initial submission to you can be altered in direct accordance with your wishes to whatever extent that you desire.

Alternatively if you don't see anything that tickles your fancy or got something else on your mind then contact us and we'll come up with something that will truly amaze you!

  • Romantic Cotswolds
  • Your Distant Family
  • Garden Tour
  • Cotswold Extreme
  • Slow Down!
  • Cotswold Culture
  • Feasts in the Fall
  • Country House Weekend
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  • Romantic Cotswolds

    Romantic Cotswolds

    Your Theme: The Romantic Cotswolds or Three’s a Crowd!

    Dates: April - September

    No in Party : 2 (no more, no less)

    Details: The Cotswold Hills must be one of the most romantic backdrops of anywhere in the world. This may be your first or second honeymoon, or just a rare chance to get away together and put the world behind you for a few days. You will stay in a small English Country Manor House, set in a jewel of Cotswold villages. You will feel time stand still as you explore the quiet lanes on horseback., sip champagne while you float above the tranquil scenery in an air balloon or browse among the antique shops nestling in little alleyways! We will organize the candlelit dinners, the four-poster bed and the general pampering, but you will hardly know we’re there!

    This is a precious and magical time, and we will be almost completely invisible so you can enjoy each other’s company without intrusion!

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    Your Distant Family

    Old Family photo

    Tour Theme: Let us tell you where you’re coming from…….

    Dates: January-December

    Length of Stay: 2-7 days

    Size of group: Variable

    Theme: Genealogy

    Do you suspect that you have roots in Great Britain or Ireland? Or do you know that members of your family lived here? Like many people, you may never have had the time to find out. That’s where we come in. We have access to experts who can do that groundwork for you. Just pass us whatever information you have and leave the research to us. We will liaise with you regularly and you can decide how deep you want us to go. And then the fun begins! Names and dates on a page are interesting but what you will really want to know is what your family was like, and how did they live? Why did the leave ? We will then knit a tour together so you can get a picture of their lives. We will take you to their place of birth, and arrange local historians to describe what life was like at that time. Where did they leave from – like many emigrants it could have been Liverpool or Bristol. We can take you there and paint a picture for you of those days.

    What did they do to support themselves? Carpenter, Cooper, or Miner? How tough was it? We will find out for you. And best of all, are there any members of your family still here, however distant, that you would like to make contact with? We will do our best to make this happen for you.

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    Garden Tour

    Cotswold Garden

    Tour Theme: Cotswold Garden Tour

    Dates: April-October

    Length of Stay: 3 nights

    Size of Group 2-8

    There are few sights to bring tranquillity to the soul as an English country garden…" Who said that? Well, we did. But in this beautiful part of the world, we have exquisite examples of traditional English gardens. Let us show you Hidcote, the gardens of Sudeley castle and some other famous examples of the art. Better still, we will introduce you to some gardens not always open to the public, and give you a chance to meet the creators of these masterpieces. You have no choice but to return from this vacation rested, relaxed and marvelling at what man and nature are capable of when they work together!

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    Cotswold Extreme

    Cotswold Extreme Adventure

    Tour Theme: Cotswolds Extreme

    Dates: April - September

    No in Party : 2 minimum or groups!

    The Cotswolds has a reputation for it’s tranquil beauty and serene historic presence, best viewed on foot. You can change that! This is a weekend for adrenalin lovers, for those of you who find life is sweeter when you are going faster, further or have a longer way to fall. Not for you the joys of browsing antique shops, or admiring an English country garden. You want to be up there, out there and with only one handhold. Let us show you the Cotswolds as few have seen it before.

    Day 1. We collect you from the airport and take you to your hotel nestled in the heart of the English countryside. It is impeccably English and charmingly comfortable. Comfort is not a word you will hear much of over the next couple of days, but we want to make sure you sleep well! After lunch, you will be briefed by your Vacation Director, who will bring with him/her the correct clothing and equipment you will need for your stay. After examining your insurance policy with a fine microscope, you will be taken to Symonds Yat, a beauty spot for many, but for you it is a sheer cliff face with a stunning view over the River Wye and toward the Welsh Mountains. Accompanied by two ex-British Army experts, you can choose whether to go up or down. You can abseil or you can climb. Spitting in the face of jet lag, you will see the countryside as few manage to do. After returning to your hotel for some delicious carbs, you soak in a tub and mentally prepare for the next day.

    Day 2. At the nearby Cotswold Water Park, we have organised some fun on the water for you. Your choice – sail or power. You can sail one of the fast one or two-man dinghy's on these lovely lakes, feeling the wind in your hair, and water under your feet or else hydroplane across them at 40 knots in a display of raw power. After a picnic lunch, we will take you to the Severn Estuary. The Severn has the second highest tidal flow in the world, and is well known for its treachery and vicious currents. So, how better to se it than zipping along on an inflatable boat at 40 knots. In the company of highly- trained experts you will be free to open the throttle and laugh in the face of danger. By now, your muscles may be aching a little. So we will organise a massage for you and a little aromatherapy to soothe you for the next day.

    Day 3 If yesterday was water day, today belongs to the air…In the morning, you will be taken to nearby Kemble Airfield, former RAF station and favourite airfield of the Royal family. There we will take you up in a single-engined Cessna. Your pilot will be happy for you to take the controls, and then show you some loops and rolls and a few G along the way. You will see England’s most beautiful countryside below you and above you, almost at the same time! Your pilot will drop you at Rencomb airfield, a lovingly recreated World War 1 aerodrome. Have a light lunch and enjoy the aircraft museum. In the afternoon, you will enjoy the highlight of your weekend – you will be strapped onto the wing of a bi-plane and enjoy one of the most extreme sensations you can – flying on top of a plane at 120 mph! By the evening your adrenaline will be running near empty. We prescribe a delicious meal at a local Inn, where you will have a chance to see the video and photographs we have taken for you. These will be emailed to you upon your return, to show your friends and family how you enjoyed the Cotswolds!.

    In the morning we will drive you to your airport, ready for the flight home. It will probably feel extremely boring after what you have experienced, but you can entertain yourself with plans for your next visit – scuba diving, hot air ballooning, driving a steam locomotive…..and so much more!

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    Slow Down

    Boat on a river

    Tour theme: The fastest way to slow down! Peace and tranquility at 4mph.

    Dates: Easter- October

    Length of Stay: 3/7 days

    Britain’s waterways were carved out of the local hills and valleys in the 18th and 19th centuries as trade routes that helped carry the nation’s lifeblood, until they in turn were killed off by the railways and freeeways. Today Britain’s canal network now forms a giant linear nature and cultural trail that wends its way through some of the country’s finest landscapes. There can be few more beautiful stretches than the Kennet and Avon Canal., lovingly restored in the last 20 years. Starting from majestic Bath, this stretch of water passes slowly through some breathtaking scenery. We will arrange your vacation on a luxury narrowboat, and you will truly feel time slow down as you see England’s finest countryside slide slowly past. Many pubs have mooring places where you can tie up your craft and discover unhurriedly why the British like warm beer! This tour can be escorted, or self-drive if you prefer.

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    Cotswold Culture

    Cotswold village

    Tour theme: Cotswold Culture

    Dates: June / July

    Length of Stay: 3/10 days

    Cheltenham’s International Festival has long been one of Britain’s premiere venues for showcasing new and forgotten composers as well as playing the well-loved traditional classics.

    Over the years, this festival has developed a varied and sophisticated ‘fringe’ festival of its own. Whether you are at an open air concert picnic in the town’s elegant Pittville Park, or watching your favourite piece performed in the Town hall, you will appreciate the professionalism of the performance, and the stunning backdrop that this Regency town provides. Before you come, we will email all the details to you, and let you chose which events you would like to see. Those used to visiting the West End of London will appreciate the ease of travelling in the town, and that, wherever you are in Cheltenham, you can see the Cotswold hills.

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    Feasts in the Fall

    Tour theme: : Feasts in the Fall!

    Dates: October - December

    Length of Stay: 5 days

    Size of group: Maximum 6

    Theme: Gourmet Food

    Many years ago, Britain had a reputation for three basic food groups: Roast Beef, Fish and…well..chips (fries to you guys!). That all stopped many years ago. London is recognized as one of the top culinary centres in the world, and the Cotswolds boasts some of the finest restaurants in England. What is your choice of national cuisine – French, Cantonese, Asian, Italian, English, Thai? You tell us, and we will weave this break around you. Like many good meals it comes in 4 courses. The first course, or entrée, is a one-day course led by a local leader in the cuisine of your choice. This will be a hands-on session on how to prepare the food, pick the correct spices, marinade correctly, and select the correct ingredients. It will culminate in a meal cooked in front of, and just for you, in the evening.

    Next, you will be shown how to use as many local ingredients as you can without harming the integrity of the national dish. We’ll take you (literally) into the field to show you how to pick the finest mushrooms and grow the best herbs. Better flavour and lower food miles – perfect! In the evening, it’s your turn. You will put your teaching into practice and produce your own meal, with some help from the expert. For dessert we will take you to our best-known vineyard where you will meet an expert vintner, who can explain how to chose the best wines to drink with the dishes you have prepared, and the etiquette surrounding wine. And for the final course, you will be driven to the best restaurant in the region for the national cuisine you have chosen, for an evening that will delight your taste buds, and change once and for all any misconception you may had about the state of the British restaurants. If you are desperate during your stay, we can provide one portion of fish and chips to your hotel under cover of darkness, on condition you tell no-one!)

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    Country House Weekend

    Country House

    Tour theme: : Country House Weekend

    Dates: All year 'round

    Length of Stay: Long Weekend

    Theme: Ladies and Gentlemen Weekend retreat

    There is no experience quite as essentially English as the Country House Weekend. Enjoyed by the aristocracy for many years, in an age where a ‘Gentleman’ did not work, but spent his weekends with friends in each others’ country mansions, to get some relief from the social pressures of London! We will re-create this experience for you and your friends in a charming and stylish Cotswold Manor House.

    Friday Evening: You will arrive in the late afternoon. Your luggage will be taken to your room, while you join your fellow guests for afternoon tea in the Drawing Room. A log fire will greet you while your valet will, if required, unpack your clothes while drawing a bath. After dressing for dinner, you will make your way for a cocktail, and meet your hosts. Over a delicious dinner and fine wine, you will enjoy making new friends, and also hearing about the style of English country life for the aristocracy in this very different era. After dinner, the ladies will retire to the drawing room, while the men pass round the Port (to the left, of course!) After discussing world affairs the men will rejoin the ladies for a short piano recital before retiring to bed.

    Saturday: Ignore the cholesterol for a day, and come down to the ‘full English’ breakfast, cooked to perfection. In the morning you can choose between a number of country activities of the sort the aristocracy would have enjoyed at the time. For example:
    Horse-riding - We will match you with horses to suit your ability, for a guided ruide through the leafy Cotswold lanes
    Hunting - You can either hunt (we don’t hunt foxes any more, but otherwise the experience is the same), or follow the hunt in a Range Rover, as the horses chase across open countryside
    Shooting - A spot of Clay Pigeon shooting or something more live perhaps?
    Shopping - Let a personal shopper assist you as you browse through some of the area’s finest boutiques and antique shops. Your purchases will be returned to your hotel, or shipped straight to the US if you prefer.
    Fishing - A bit of fly-fishing perhaps? We will organise it for you
    Walking – surely the best way to enjoy the sheer natural beauty of the Cotswold countryside.

    Lunch will be provided by luxury hamper, or at a nearby Inn. You will return to your Manor House for afternoon English tea, served as it should be, before being coached in how to play croquet, a game that looks genteel and elegant on the outside but is fiercely competitive. After dressing for dinner you will be joined by our hosts, for an evening of food and entertainment. Relax and enjoy poetry readings, a short play, and musical entertainment of the sort enjoyed by the Upper Class of the era.

    Sunday: After breakfast, you can choose a local church, or you may prefer the formality and grandeur of Gloucester cathedral or Tewkesbury Abbey. Or you may prefer just to read a book in front of an open fire, as you relax and continue to enjoy the timeless peace and quiet that surrounds you. For lunch, there is only one possible choice – the English roast! This staple diet of fine English cuisine, made with local produce will provide a wonderful backdrop for your unique experience. During lunch, your bags will be packed for you and loaded onto your car. As you say farewell to your hosts and fellow guest, and exchange contact details, you will be taken, if you wish, for a tour of some the Cotswold’s finest villages. You will finally return to your hotel feeling refreshed, and step back, somewhat reluctantly, into the 21st century! A taste of luxury from a time gone by that will last a lifetime into the future!

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