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Tailor Made Tours

We believe that any visit by the upscale, discerning vacationer to England, be it for pleasure or on business, can be massively enhanced by a tailor-made itinerary and a dedicated Vacation Director to personally assist guests throughout their stay. So that is precisely what we provide!

Tell us what's on your mind, what you really want to do or just browse our Theme Picker or Cotswold Events Calendar for inspiration. Send us the results of your meandering and we'll start on the itinerary of a lifetime for you. Your Cotswold tailor made tour is just an email away!

A major and unique aspect that we alone offer is the availability of certain unique privileges, a small example being:

  • Oxford University tours with a Don and other senior members of the English education fraternity
  • Arrange privileged meetings with the areas celebrities
  • Breakfast with a Lord of the Manor and other members of the English Aristocracy
  • House of Commons visit with a Member of Parliament and other senior political figures
  • Aftershow backstage visits to meet high profile actors
  • and others that we are not permitted to advertise...

Choose from the options below to find out more about our tours:

Cotswold Stately HomeLondon View across the Thames

Tailor Made Tours Theme Picker

Day Tours

Cotswold Events Calendar

Together, with a tailor-made itinerary that we'll knit together, catering for your every wish, we'll provide you with a truly unique vacation opportunity; simply speaking if you are the best then you have to provide the best.

So if you demand an upscale vacation experience that appears seemingly unattainable and absolutely impressive, you've come to the right place. We can open doors and make amazing things happen.